Dark Pathways

  Fear of Travelers The day of the tests is here. Shazira and I dance the greeting early, finishing by first light.

“I need to feel the sky,” I tell her. “Then, we’ll spend the morning together.”

I rise high in the sky, close my physical eyes, and open all of myself to the world […]

Traveling Alone

  Visitors I watch the drifting clouds through the window of the cafe, barely aware of Shazira near me. The food is long finished, but still, we sit. There is little talk, with our heads full of the coming test.

Tzina comes running in to find us, more excited than I’ve ever seen her.

“He’s […]

The Necklace and the Wizard

  Hiding from the Energy Web Keela and I land on a high hill, its sides covered in blue and yellow wildflowers. A few small houses cover the top of the hill, surrounded by a high wall.

The houses and the wall are decorated with the royal symbol, in dark blue and gold.

“This is […]

Blue Lightning, Black Stones

  Doubt The rain surrounds me as I fly, but doesn’t touch me. I reach Balshown before first light, and we dance the greeting together.

“The guild will waste my morning,” he says, as he prepares breakfast. “Come back for a few hours in the late afternoon.”

“What do they want with you?”

He turns […]

Patterns of Life and Death II

  Blood and Light A high-pitched child’s scream fills the marketplace, and people yell for a healer.

The market woman looks around in fear. Her young daughter gone.

She runs toward the source of the scream, and I follow. A crowd circles a booth that sells sharp metal tools, and long knives.

The girl has […]