Far From Home

  Ancient Wars Months have gone by. When I left the Veezal, I went back to the star where the captured probe was last seen. Since then, I’ve searched through many of the inhabited worlds along this arm of the galaxy. The worlds here are unsophisticated technologically, and know little of energy ways. Many have […]

Forest – A Chief’s Heart

  The Forest: Prologue The fog in my mind lifts slowly, and I find myself in a young boy’s body.

I hear Jaina’s thoughts louder than my own, and feel his emotions. His senses are now mine, but he does not hear my thoughts, or feel me.

I am a ghost with no power to […]


  Free for a Moment I love flying, being light and strong and free. It brings me joy, even with all the thoughts of loss and doubt that drag me down.

Keela is annoyed with me. She tries to hide it, but I feel it. She wants us to fly fast and straight to the […]

History and Change

  Shaken Late in the evening, the Watchtower is quiet, and I come out of hiding. Most of the visitors are gone now. A few stay overnight, sleeping on soft mats in the white and violet rooms, but it’s easy enough to avoid them.

So many of the people I meet are filled with hatred […]

Memories and Breakfast

The Kitchen Shazira leads me to the green room.

When I come here, I feel like I’m standing in a forest. There are plants in all of the rooms, but this room feels alive. The air is sweeter than the rest of the Watchtower. People meet here to share words and food and laughter. It’s […]

Sweet Music

  Clear Morning A voice pulls me out of sleep. “Wake up, Yagrin.” “It’s almost time for the greeting.”

The world feels thick and dull as I try to rise. Why am I so tired?

I’m alone a few minutes later when I finally get out of bed, but I hear Shazira and Tzina on […]

Island and Tower

  Arrival It’s a clear summer night, with a soft breeze, and the full moon reflects off the water.

I look again. The moon is wrong. It’s too big, and there are no familiar constellations in the sky.

I remember. This is not my world.

Am I caught in a dream?

My bare feet rest […]