Spinning Sword

  Flying High We fly together from the barren lands toward Tshuan. You can see a person’s heart by watching how high they fly.

Some fly close to the ground, just high enough to clear obstacles. They fly, but they’re afraid that if they get too far from the ground, they’ll never be able to […]

Golden Eyes

  Guild Circles Two days after moonwatch, Shazira sends me out of the Watchtower. “The guilds will never follow you, Yagrin, unless they know you.” “Go meet them.”

I spend two days in the city, in the marketplace, the parks, and the guild halls. I’ve spent time with the healers, teaching the thunder voice, but […]

The Necklace and the Wizard

  Hiding from the Energy Web Keela and I land on a high hill, its sides covered in blue and yellow wildflowers. A few small houses cover the top of the hill, surrounded by a high wall.

The houses and the wall are decorated with the royal symbol, in dark blue and gold.

“This is […]

Blue Lightning, Black Stones

  Doubt The rain surrounds me as I fly, but doesn’t touch me. I reach Balshown before first light, and we dance the greeting together.

“The guild will waste my morning,” he says, as he prepares breakfast. “Come back for a few hours in the late afternoon.”

“What do they want with you?”

He turns […]

Patterns of Life and Death I


I open my eyes two hours before first light, surrounded by the sweet quiet, as the whole world sleeps. Today I’ll dance the greeting early, before Shazira even wakes, and leave before it’s light.

Shazira seems so sad the last few days, and so distant. She tries to hide her feelings from me, […]