Sounds of Healing

“It’s dark outside,” says Dilasa, “but Tshuan looks as bright as day on the ship’s view-screen.”

“The ship can see in the dark,” says Berek, “and it creates a daytime image for us.”

“Why are we approaching slowly?” asks Shazira.
“We could be there already!”

“I can keep Ina’s body alive for now, and I’m trying to hide our approach.”
“I don’t want the Tshuans to know how powerful this little ship is.”
“Let them think that it’s a simple airship, of an unusual design.”

“The ship hides itself, Berek,” says Shazira.

“Yes, but when we move quickly … Read more

Silver Falls

Tzina’s bitter cry fills the cave, and her intense feelings wash over Berek who has his shield down.
He holds his head in pain for a few seconds, but quickly recovers after managing to raise his shield.

Shazira hears the cry, and comes rushing toward them.
Yagrin lies motionless in Tzina’s circle, his energy body dim.

“What happened here?” asks Shazira.

“It’s my fault,” says Tzina, crying.
“I found out how to bypass a mind shield, and I was worried the aliens might be able to attack ina the same way.”
“I taught him how to defend himself.”… Read more