Peace and Destruction

  Power Filarin’s cave is hidden within the ring, a circle of mountains that once surrounded a lush plateau home to Taluk, the most beautiful city of the old kingdom. When Botzar used the sword, it erased every trace of the city, leaving an unnaturally thick forest always covered by clouds. Within the trees is […]

Storm and Stone

  Waiting for the Storm I wake early today, before first sun, and walk onto the deck. The ocean calms me, and I forget myself as I watch the waves far below.

Another clear day. Unusual weather for this time of year, the season of violent lightstorms.

I find myself strangely disappointed with the clear […]


  Cocoon “Now, you want to let the Spiral go?!” yells Dilasa. “It has to die.”

“It’s already dead, Dilasa,” I answer quietly. “The group mind is shattered, and the energy gone.” “Only a few spirits remain.”

“I don’t care,” she says. “Kill them all.”

“The remaining spirits are too weak to join together again, […]

First Sting

  Weapons Shazira sits next to me as the ship returns to Siksa. We’re quiet, and our spirits rest, together.

Dilasa sits on the other side of Shazira, and looks troubled. She turns toward me, and I sense her mind touch, and her fear.

“How do we stop the Spiral, ina?” “Don’t you need a […]

Gifts of War

  Dream Hunter Dilasa sleeps in a green guesthouse near Wisten’s home. The bed and the room are round, and the house is full of windows.

A gentle breeze blows through Dilasa’s long, black hair, and across the dark red sheets. She sleeps for hours after the fire that took her guardians. I can do […]

Circles of Sorrow

  Approach The ship travels outside of normal space. Rings of energy spin around us, with tiny blue sparks striking the ship, again, and again.

It takes hours to reach the rendezvous point with Fwitay’s commander. Makish and I stay in the cargo hold of the old Jiku ship, as we travel.

I flow some […]


  The Shape of Emptiness It’s still night when Shazira wakes, to a soft, sad sound coming from the deck outside our bedroom.

She wraps herself in a warm maroon cloak, covered with yellow flowers. Moving silently, she slips on sandals, and goes out on the deck of the Watchtower. The morning is still cool, […]

Maze of Time

  Danger I wake Shazira and the children, hours before first sun, to begin the trip home. The building is quiet, except for a few guards who greet us as we move through the halls.

Makish and Chiwan will stay here, for now, to watch over the sisters.

The outer doorway is sealed when we […]

Children of War

  Forever Young Berek and I wear the same style party robes, but in different colors. I’m not used to so much color, but it’s common in Tshuan.

This elegant pattern of cobalt blue, gold, and black caught me, the moment I first saw it. The fabric weighs almost nothing.

Why am I here at […]

Sword, Sheath, and Shield

  Families Makish and I land on the deck of the Watchtower outside the healing room. As I walk through the door, Tzina hugs me tightly.

“I missed you so much, ina,” she says.

I smile at her. “I was only gone for a day!”

“I know,” she says, “but I was lost in my […]