Sakool approaches the emperor’s work room, nervous about the message he has to deliver.
The advisor signals his presence, and indicates that he has an urgent need to speak with the emperor.

“Come in, Sakool.”

“You’ve been in isolation the last two days, Great father.”
“I wasn’t sure you would see me.”

“Our plans for Siksa are progressing.”
“I have personal matters which need my attention.”
“But you indicates the matter is urgent.”

“Of course, Great Father.”

“What is it?”

“The detention facility in Tshuan was attacked, as we expected.”

Healing the Watchtower

The Curse of Moonwatch
The full moon comes every six weeks, too soon for the guardians of the Watchtower.

The tower shines every night and drives away the Krale.
The full moon saps the strength of the tower, leaves the sky unprotected, and gives birth to the night we call moonwatch.
Two guardians, a bonded couple, live in the tower, flow master and weaver.
It’s a great honor to be chosen to be guardians.
The flow master prepares an ancient crystal, and the weaver absorbs it.
Then the weaver releases a wave of energy that fuels the tower … Read more