Colors of the Heart

A Free Heart   Late at night, the inside of the ship is quiet and dark, in the areas where the pilgrims sleep. The elders keep a close watch on the pilgrims, enforcing a rigid schedule, with an early bedtime.

The common rooms for the crew are bright and noisy, hours after the pilgrims have […]

Gen – Birth and Connection

  Forever It took me three cycles to reach level seven, and another ten cycles of intense training to advance to level twelve. At level twelve, there are only two choices. Become Gen, or die.

Vala says that I’m almost as fast as a Gen already. But I’m still bound to this world and this […]

The Tower and the Well

  Return My mind slips back from Jaina’s world, falling down an endless hole. Soon the body lands, solid again in my awareness. Warmth surrounds me and supports me.

How long have I been in the vat? No way to tell yet.

Is this the same world and the same room? The vat is smaller […]