The Heart and the River

The Dome of Dreams
I turn, and leap into the darkness.

Night whispers to me, and challenges me to stay awake.
I run into the meadow, and fly in a spiral, five hundred feet high.
The meadow below me extends for miles, and sleeping Bizra fill the meadow.
There are thousands, or millions of Bizra.

My eyes see clearly in the darkness.
The sleeping Bizra have a gentle glow, and a cloud of moving images, ten feet high, hovers over each one.
To my energy eyes, each cloud is a cluster of energy, floating on the great web.
Sparkling lines of energy race from each cloud of images to the next.
A dome of energy rises, a thousand feet high, and covers all of the Bizra, and their dreams.

To free the Bizra from their Krale dreams, I must become their heart, and free the energies trapped within them.
Streams of energy shine from each Bizra to the web.
I will bind the outgoing streams into one great river, a liquid storm.
The river will pass through me, on its way to the ocean of energy.

The River
I prepare myself to be the calm center of that great storm.
I drift down, and settle to the ground.

I practice letting energy race through my new body.
One at a time, I focus on the energy streams from twelve sleeping Bizra.
Each time I let go of the edge of myself, and call the stream to me, letting it pass through me.
Then, I call to all twelve.
Their energy streams combine in me, and move through me, like a raging fire.

I fill my heart with a single thought.
“Let this energy strengthen me, so that I uncover what is hidden, and find what is lost.”
Then, another thought.
“Let this energy strengthen me, for my benefit, and the benefit of all creation.”

I call to, connect with, more and more Bizra, and the energy of the Bizra moves wild within me.
Now, it is a powerful river, that barely stays within its banks, too strong for me to control.

I spread my listening body across the great web, and listen.
There is a hunger in the web, an imbalance.
I am the source.
Too much Bizra energy is concentrated in, and moves through me.

The web is an infinite sea, that calls all energy to it, like a waterfall that rushes toward the ground.
How do I resist the sea?
I’m a child against an army.

I make myself open, clear, free.
I bind the energy to come to me.
Then, I let it race through me, as though I’m not there, and pour into the web, where it all but disappears.

I enjoy the wild movement of the energy through me, like the flashes of a lightstorm, and, I continue to connect with other Bizra.
The river grows stronger and stronger, too powerful for me to carry.
Who am I to let such a river pass through me?
I forget Yagrin, and become the river.
There is no Yagrin who needs to hold back the river, only energy and movement.
Now, I’m free to connect to all the Bizra in the dome.

The Bizra are spread evenly across dozens or even hundreds of miles, and the energy dome covers them all.
I move to a place in the center of the dome, far from the ocean.
Then, I rise up, until I reach the top of the energy dome.

I think to myself, “I am the hidden.”
I find the black well of energy that still circles around me.
I bathe energy hands in the well, and cover my eyes with the energy.
My eyes pour forth the darkness that is endless light, and open the hidden before us.
The thousands of Bizra within the dome, are an endless sea of lights, but the lights are darkened with shadows, nightmares that the Bizra dream.

The dome of dreams is a place, and a song,
It seems to shrink to a tiny ball, and float on the river of energy that I am.
I reach out, and listen to the great pattern and song that is the dome of dreams.
I’m surrounded with an overwhelming compassion for all of existence, and filled with a desire to lead and serve this creation.
The energy moves through the world as a symphony, and I watch it in awe.

I grow tired, and sleep calls me.
When Jiku are tired, they can force themselves to stay awake.
When it is night, the Bizra must sleep, or they die.

I drop down to land gently on the ground, at the center of the land.
I asks myself, “what can I alone give the Bizra to heal them?”

A Mist of Krale
Endless new clouds of pure energy rise up from the energy river that I am.
Each cloud comes to rest on one Bizra, then, reshapes itself into energy hands.
The hands circle each of the seven energy wells within the Bizra, and bathe in the energy of each well.
I feel the river accelerate, until it moves a hundred or a thousand times stronger and faster.

My energy eyes see the eighth, hidden well, that moves around each Bizra.
It hides and teaches.
It shines with such rare light, that it is dark to most eyes.
The energy hands dive into the eighth well, and disappear.
Now, one, immense, energy well forms, around the dome of dreams.

“Where is the path?” I ask myself.
The well opens, and I seem to hear words, which I repeat.
A great voice fills the dome and says, “I am compassion.”
Compassion colors the river of energy, as though I’ve set it afire.

The voice sounds again and says, “I am cruelty.”
Now, this energy passes through the river, sparkling and wild.
Every Krale has returned, and the sky inside the dome is thick with them.
The river calls them with an urgency they cannot resist.
They circle around me, and energy flows from them, and joins the river.

The energy river, fed by the Bizra and Krale, glows brighter and brighter.
Even my Bizra body has a visible glow.
The river finds its own path.
It moves away from me, and rises up to the top of the dome like a fountain, then falls to me, and through me.
It falls only on me, not touching the other Bizra.

A wave of fear fills me.
This gentle energy frightens me, more than the river, and I begin to shape shields to protect myself.
Then, I relax, and let the new energy dance within me.
“Let me be open in strength, so the energy moves for the benefit of all creation.”
Now, the fear passes freely into me through my head, shoulders and upper back like a loving rain.

The wave of energy grows stronger and stronger.
It circles my heart, again and again, like a rising whirlpool.
Finally, a fountain of energy erupts from my heart, and rises, straight and strong, to the top of the dome.
It spreads along the top of the dome, covering the inside surface, and rains down glowing energy on the sleeping Bizra, and the flying Krale.

For many years, every day has brought the same curse to the Bizra.
Krale are born each night, then a few disappear in the light of morning.
Day after day, their numbers grow.
Tonight, all the Krale are here, dark thousands, circling within the dome.
The river brought them here, but the energy rain tears at their stone skin.

Confused, they try to escape the dome, but they can’t pass through the glowing, energy rain.
They approach me, sensing that I’m holding them back.
I remember being a Kishla, when everything was song.
I shine with a song that rides along the river and the fountain, and joins the falling energy rain.
The song circles compassion and cruelty, hope and despair.

There is a great collective moan from the Bizra as their sleep is touched by this new energy.
A moment later, they awake.
The rain cleans tonight’s dreams, and the clouds of dreams vanish.
The Krale surround me, but can’t harm me.
I am all Bizra now, but with Ehraval’s black eyes.

My eyes glow so brightly, that the dome is filled with light, as though it were day.
I make a dream cloud, and in that cloud, I see one Krale sizzling in the light.
The hard black stone softens, and becomes air, with a gentle mist of energy.
My dream cloud grows to the size of the dome, and I dream away all of the Krale into an energy mist.
The cloud fades away, and all of the old Krale are gone.

Only a challenge remains.
How do we stop new Krale from being born?

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