Healing Room

I awake and remember the dangerous shadows that clouded the full moon.
The crystal, the blood, and the light.

My eyes are slow to open, and I wonder what world I’ll see.

In a moment I adjust to the light, and find myself still surrounded with the new world and its dream.
Slowly, I sit up.

I’m in a red, egg-shaped room, with windows that rise from floor to ceiling.
A beautiful dark wood surrounds the windows on four sides, forming a frame a few inches wide.
Curved windows face the deck, and the small shadows tell me … Read more

Island and Tower

It’s a clear summer night, with a soft breeze, and the full moon reflects off the water.

I look again.
The moon is wrong.
It’s too big, and there are no familiar constellations in the sky.

I remember.
This is not my world.

Am I caught in a dream?

My bare feet rest on the cool, delicious sand, and the sound of the waves fills my ears.
The ocean is near, but I can’t see the gentle waves that greet me.
One moment my vision is clear, and the next moment, the world is covered in fog.… Read more


Life is movement and change, search and discovery.
Traveling, dimly aware of direction and goals, but unsure where we’re really going.
Are we searching for the perfect world outside of us, or simply going home?
Not to a childhood home, but a place that lives and grows deep within us.
A home distant from our everyday lives, yet more familiar and satisfying than any we remember.

There are voices within us, waiting to be heard.
Listen in the stillness and begin the journey.
Extract a brief moment from your day, fill it with an ache to discover, and stir with … Read more