Play and Practice

I love high cliffs that rise at the edge of the sea.
The sea far below fills my eyes as the wind blows around me.

Today’s lesson and practice centers on binding things together.
Not with rope or glue or nails, but with energy.
Weavers bind objects together, through subtle changes to the energy patterns of the objects.

Today’s challenge is to bind opposites, to combine two things together which destroy each other.
I pull energy from the energy web, and bind it upon itself until it takes physical form.
I’m clumsy at this, and I only know … Read more

Dreaming and Weaving

Energy Weaving
One last room to touch before my training begins.
The Yellow room shows a different face to each person who enters it.
What will I find there?

Shazira walks me to the room.

I feel dizzy as I approach the doorway, and get more nauseous with each step.
I turn to Shazira.
“The room is already making me sick.”
“What will it do to me when I get inside?”

“This is the room of weaving, Yagrin,” she says, “your own guild.”
“You need this room more than all of the others.”

She stares at me.
“It’s doing … Read more