Fear of the Wild

Cruelty and Purpose
The emperor calls me in to see him.
“Congratulations, Neyima.”
“Disu has made incredible progress in his fighting skills, and he told me that he has agreed to the Madar val.”

“Yes, great father.”

“I have a few questions for you.”
“I want to understand the training that you’ve been giving him.”
“My staff has been analyzing the sims that you use.”
“Practicing silence?”
“Being insulted?”
“These seem like a complete waste of time, and totally different from what the other tutors did.”

“May I speak freely?”

“Of course.”

“The other tutors accomplished nothing with … Read more

Beyond Darkness and Light

Cloud of Darkness
The gate opens seven thousand feet into a dark sky, with no stars.
Light rises from the ground and the sea.
My field surrounds us and remains strong, even when the power of the nullifier runs out.
There are no cages here.

“Who are you?” asks Fenik, as we float in the air.
“What is this place, and where is Rishku?”

“My name is Yagrin.”
“There is no Rishku.”
“I wore that identity in the prison, so I could enter the women’s sims.”

Far From Home

Ancient Wars
Months have gone by.
When I left the Veezal, I went back to the star where the captured probe was last seen.
Since then, I’ve searched through many of the inhabited worlds along this arm of the galaxy.
The worlds here are unsophisticated technologically, and know little of energy ways.
Many have stories or ruins of an older civilization.
The ruins I’ve found are contaminated with radiation.
There was a devastating war here, a long time ago.

At least I have a name for the enemy: Kizak.
It’s the word that Dilasa heard in her last vision, … Read more