Now, you want to let the Spiral go?!” yells Dilasa.
“It has to die.”

“It’s already dead, Dilasa,” I answer quietly.
“The group mind is shattered, and the energy gone.”
“Only a few spirits remain.”

“I don’t care,” she says.
“Kill them all.”

“The remaining spirits are too weak to join together again, and they’ll never survive on their own.”

“They’re dying?”

“Yes, Dilasa.”
“They won’t last long.”

Death Cry

Lost Mayru
I return to Keesha’s ship, and share my memories of the Mayru, growers of stars, children of the star spirits.

“How will they help us defeat the Spiral, ina?” asks Dilasa.

“I don’t know,” I answer, frustrated, “but their destiny is tied up with ours.”

“Let’s look for a vision,” she suggests.
We enter the Dream Hunter gateway together, hunting for a vision about the Mayru.
The wanderer appears before us, seeding Sinesu with his children.
The past is clear, but their future is hidden.

“Why can’t we find their future, ina?” asks Dilasa, as we leave … Read more