Secrets of the Game

Games of Fire and Ice
While we eat, and during the blessing that follows, Tzina’s face is troubled.
She takes me aside and whispers, “Ina, I need to speak with you alone.”

“Open your mind shield,” I tell her, “and I’ll touch your thoughts.”

“Let’s go to your circle, away from the others.”
“I need to get out of my head.”

I tell everyone that we’ll be back soon, and we glide to my circle.
“What’s wrong?” I ask, as we land.

“There’s a lot about MindTwisting that you don’t know.”

“Show me.”

“MindTwisters call the dreams that … Read more

Council of Fear

A strong breeze greets me at the railing of the deck.
The sun is high overhead, and the sky clear, as I look beyond the sea, to the high tower of the council building in Kirol.

Time to go.

I rise alone from the Watchtower, and activate my gliding shield.
The breeze on my face disappears, but the rich feeling of joy and freedom remains.
I am a brother to the wind.

The faster I fly, the more free I feel, but today I’m not going far, and I want a slow glide to Kirol.

Everything in my … Read more

Mind Weaving

The sisters and I return with Chiwan to the ballroom, and rejoin my family, the king, and a few prominent guests.

“I assume, Master Yagrin,” says the king gravely, “that Keela told you I don’t like surprises.”

Niyta steps between us, before I can respond.
“Commander, please don’t be angry with us.”
“We just wanted to thank you and your people for the wonderful welcome that you’ve given us.”

He laughs.
“I’m not angry,” he answers with a smile.
“I enjoyed your surprise completely.”

He turns to me.
“Your performance was wonderful, Master Yagrin, but you’ve set impossibly … Read more

Walls of Light

My Bizra body is so far away.
I see it floating in the vat, but I can’t reach it.

When I was an old one, it was easy to wake up from the vat.
Not this time.

I hear Niyta calling me, and I start to feel my body.
My eyes won’t open, but the voice helps to clear the fog that fills my mind.

I feel the shock of something cold, and struggle to catch my breath.
Finally, I feel my face clearly, and open my eyes.

It takes another minute before I’m in control of the … Read more