Stardust Rising

The Cave
We glide quickly through the spinning, sparkling tunnel that leads from the Seven Towers to Siksa.
An energy shield surrounds us and protects us from the wild energies of the tunnel, and whatever dangers we may find at tunnel’s end.

“Are you mad at me, Yagrin?” asks Dilasa, as she touches my mind.
She’s afraid of the anger that I showed before, and her mind touch is weak.

“No, Dilasa.”
“I’m not angry any more, but I wish that you had listened to me.”

Visions of the Future

Balance and Love
The ground near us is covered with a colorful, living layer that is softer than moss.
We sit together, almost floating, on this ocean of red, green, orange, and blue.
And listen.

The forest around us is quiet, except for the wind, as it moves the thick canopy of leaves above us.
I spread my healing body far along the web, and wait for the calm to fill me.
Then I send healing energy to Dilasa and Sindar, and let the calm gently cover them.

Gifts of War

Dream Hunter
Dilasa sleeps in a green guesthouse near Wisten’s home.
The bed and the room are round, and the house is full of windows.

A gentle breeze blows through Dilasa’s long, black hair, and across the dark red sheets.
She sleeps for hours after the fire that took her guardians.
I can do nothing for her while she sleeps, but still, I watch over her, through the open doorway to the next room.

Her body is healed, but her dreams are troubled, and her energy is strange.


Geyfal’s Children
“Identical twins, born thousands of years apart?!”

“I asked Sindar the same question,” he says.
“He answered me with a gift of memories, taken from his father, and himself.”
“It’s the story of how the brothers were born, in a universe that you and I have never seen.”

“I don’t have Sindar’s ability to transfer memories to your mind, but I can summarize it for you.”

“If you let me,” I tell him, “I can view the memory, and even share it with Makish and B’tzel.”

Botzar turns to Makish.
“Do you trust him?” he asks her.… Read more

Dark Song 2

I look at Ehraval, and the darkness that covers his eyes.
What secrets hide within?

I find the black energy well that always circles around me.
I dip energy hands in the well, and bathe my eyes, over and over.
I turn toward Ehraval.
Thick darkness pours out of my eyes, and covers him, as the darkness from his eyes covers me.
Slowly, the darkness from our eyes grows brighter, until light pours out and circles around us, forming a bright sphere of spinning light.

I take Ehraval’s hands and look at his eyes, bright mirrors.
Within the … Read more

Fears and Legends

Fear and Exile
The air is filled with sound today, a strange hum.
I mention it to Shazira when she wakes, but she hears nothing.
The sound waits in the background during the greeting.
Then it follows me around the Watchtower as I get ready for the day.
It’s a pleasant companion, not dark or grim, but so far, only for my ears.

I tell Balshown about it when I reach his house.
We sit.
He closes his eyes and listens intently.

“I hear nothing,Yagrin, but I see a strange pattern of energy pulsing around you.”
“Drifting through your energy … Read more