Watchtower Floorplan

Watchtower Floor plan

Paths and Flowers
The Watchtower faces the sky like a flower, with six egg-shaped rooms for petals, that surround a central core.
Each room is its own world, dedicated to a different purpose, filled with its own energy, and dominated by a different color.
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo.

Shazira and I live here as guardians of the Watchtower.
We can’t imagine living anywhere else, and we pretend this place is ours.
Really, this tower and lighthouse belongs to no one.

In the day, people gather here to enjoy the Watchtower’s gifts.
Some people stay overnight, with only the floor and a cushion.

None of the building is private, except for the Dreaming Room where Shazira and I sleep.

There is another room in the Watchtower where even Shazira and I won’t go.
The center of the Watchtower is the black room, a small round space.

Really, it is more than just black.
It consumes any light that shines on it.
No one knows what’s in the room, but everyone is afraid to enter.

Surrounding the black room, are two rooms, shaped like half circles.
The western half-circle is violet, and the eastern half-circle white.

There are six long, stone paths, one for each egg.
They begin within the half-circles, and travel, through the eggs, to the large windows that look to the deck and the sky.

Every Path is three feet wide, and made of smooth colored stone embedded in the floor.
Within the egg, the path takes the room’s color, but in the half circles, the egg’s path mixes the egg’s color with the color of the half-circle.
Violet for the 3 western eggs, and White for the 3 eggs to the east.

Flowering vines grow on the ceramic walls within all of the eggs, and within the two half-circles.

Between each egg and the half-circles is an oval doorway.
Each doorway is covered with a sparkling energy screen.

The screen can take many colors and textures.
During the day, our bedroom is covered with a screen that looks like the ceramic wall, and is just as smooth to the touch.
Nothing physical can harm it.

At night, the screen appears as an oval tapestry with rich colors that match the dominant colors of the room.
It feels like silk, and is slightly opaque.
Every egg has a gentle glow in its own color.


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