Dragon Stone Siksa is rich with a beautiful, dark blue crystal called ensai, that glows softly in the dark. On land, the greatest concentration of the stone is in Bizra territory, under the meadows where the Bizra lived for centuries. In the ocean, the most visible deposit of ensai is found in three undersea […]

Childish Wisdom

  No Return Makish, Dilasa, and I stand naked in the transition chamber as it fills with warm seawater. The only sounds we hear are the movement of the water, and our breathing.

The three of us seem helpless as we stand here, but we can all bend the energy web to our will. Even […]

Lessons and Betrayal

  Twin Visions The brief contact with the Jiku sphere of mirrors takes my strength. I feel the smooth stone under my Jiku body, as my awareness returns to the marketplace, but only for a moment, just before I collapse. I sleep, but without peace. A vision comes and takes me.

I fly quickly through […]

Listening and Healing

  Listening My whole life, I’ve circled around a dream of healing, hiding from a voice that whispers: “You are born to heal.”

I’ve always been an outsider, looking through a window, at a clear, bright world, never finding my place, never reaching for the door. I am Yagrin now. There’s no more time for […]

Gifts and Mastery – 2

  A Different Path My life turns toward Flow, and becomes filled with masks and transformations. There are five hundred common masks to learn.

I know a little about energy masks. Shazira once taught me how to shape a mask and float it on my energy body. It covers the pattern body like a golden […]

Gifts and Mastery

  Away The city fades, and the weight of the world falls away – wars, schedules, and questions. Shazira, Tzina, and I escape it all for three days, hiding from an uncertain future. Talking, traveling, and laughing together.

We open our hearts to each other, trying to forget a long year apart. Our time together […]

Bound to Life

  The Living and the Dead I wake alone in the round, soft bed, surrounded by my childhood home. I’ve slept here for the last few days. It’s so strange and familiar at the same time.

Sleep slides away. I walk out onto the porch, and fill my lungs will the cool morning air. I […]

Last Dance

  Fountain My awareness spins as I leave the seven towers and my life as a Gen. Soon after, I awake in the small, cramped vat. My body has grown again, leaving my sisters, the old ones, behind.

The world is different after my time with the Gen. The future calls my name, and promises […]

Gen – Bonds of Love

  Fortress A cycle passes, away from the school and Vala. My desire to be Gen fills me, stronger and stronger, but I miss Vala even more.

Most students are told to wait a cycle between classes, but Vala said that I could return in three months. The months are long past, and I haven’t […]

Gen – Test of Lies

  Waiting Test day. Twelve of us stand in the large, bare room at the school, and wait impatiently for Vala. Some distract themselves with practice, while others just talk.

Vala is fifteen minutes late, unthinkable on a test day. She is Gen. So different from us, we who are tied to our small, fragile […]